Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bob & Dorothy Moe win "Invader Crusader" Award

Longtime Bear Lake Association members, citizen-scientists, and all-around great folks Bob and Dorothy Moe were recognized by the Wisconsin Invasive Species Council as 2017 "Invader Crusader" award-winners.

As most of you know, Bob and Dorothy have put in tons of work over the years to keep the Bear Lake ecosystem vibrant and healthy. They lead virtually all of our conservation efforts, including raising and deploying our Galerucella beetles (for purple loosestrife control) and submitting monthly water quality samples to the DNR. They are true champions of conservation, and we are all fortunate to share Bear Lake with them. Congratulations, Bob and Dorothy! Well-deserved!

From the WI Invasive Species Council:
Robert and Dorothy Moe have worked tirelessly to control purple loosestrife in the areas surrounding Bear Lake, protecting the Bear Lake Sedge Meadow State Natural Area and the lake’s wild rice populations from the effects of the invasive plant.

The Moes have donated many hours of volunteer work and the use of their pontoon boat and equipment to the Barron County Department of Land Services in order to control purple loosestrife on Bear Lake. Additionally, each year they have surveyed the lake and provided the department with detailed information regarding the locations and amount of purple loosestrife, then developed a plan on where to distribute Galerucella beetles raised on their property in order to best control purple loosestrife. Furthermore, the Moes are passionate about educating other Bear Lake residents on the impacts of invasive species. Their dedication to invasive species control and education has helped to ensure the health of the Bear Lake ecosystem for years to come.